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About Me

My name is Aditya Seth. I completed my engineering in June 2008 from IES,IPS Academy Indore in Electronics and Communication. After Engineering it has been along time for waiting my joining in Infosys Technology Ltd in which I was selected in my Campus selection in march 2007.Finally I will be joining it on 2nd of March 2009 as a software engineer.

I have been a computer freak from my child hood. As most of the people that day only used computers for game I became interested in learning and understanding it better which helped me a lot till date. It was around 1996 when I first saw one of the great inventions of mankind INTERNET and after that there has been no looking back. Internet is not only a powerful medium for education and research but it also give everybody to express their thoughts, views, ideas etc to a large no of peoples in almost zero cost and instantaneously.

Other Interests

Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business, Cricket, Telecom, Movies, Music

Thank You for visting my blog.

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1 Response to "About Me"

Better late than never, so ultimately your one of the interests has got platform to go out of our mind… nice work man, keep it up…

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