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Google Latitude gives glimpse of the future

Posted on: February 9, 2009

On 5th Feb Google launched a next generation Location Based Service(LBS) named Google Latitude. With is you can see where your friends are and what they are up to, quickly contact them with SMS, IM, or a phone call and also control the location and the privacy of your visibility. Another interesting thin is that it can also be used by the person who does not have mobile phone with the help adding a widget in the iGoogle so that they can cater a large group of user.  The most striking thing about the latitude service is that u can define separate location for each user which means that u are not compelled to show you location to the person u can manually set the location for some person so that only the desired person is able to see your location.

Google is not the first one to start the revolution this time because in November last year Nokia launched its Friendview service which is now known as Beta labs. As we know that Nokia is world leader in the mobile phones and we also know to continue to drive the sale of the phones it needs to constantly innovate and do something out of the box to surprise the customer. Incidentally Nokia has also updated its version of Nokia maps to 3.0 one of the interesting feature of the Nokia maps 3.0 which I loved is that it guides you when you are walking with the walk feature and give us distance, speed and navigation. Some of striking things about the Nokia maps 3.0 it has 3D landmarks for over 200 cities – can be displayed in 3D and 2D map modes and it also have terrain mode which is introduced by it. You can also customize and track location on Ovi Maps .

As the economic recession is talking its toll on all the business and Internet is no exception. And as the companies are curtailing their advertising spends and the technology companies are finding it difficult because most of the services are offered free to the users and the revenue is generated from the advertisers but in this scenario budgets are shrinking and no of advertisers are also declining so this is causing a deep concern for these companies. Another reason for these type of services is that the internet market is becoming more complex so companies are finding new places so that they are able to sustain growth.

But after the Mumbai attack of 26/11 these location based services are under criticism because these maps are easy to access and are causing very severe threats to the security and are were used by terrorist

So till next time happy mapping.


1 Response to "Google Latitude gives glimpse of the future"

Hi Aditya

Seems like a good blog – keep it up. The main thing is to keep on posting to build up content.

I think your point on terrorists being able to use maps provided by Google is somewhat facile. The terrorists surely could find the location of Oberoi, Nariman house etc from many sources. Google usually shows images which are much older anyway. It is better to assume that public knowledge is easily available anyway when planning for security.


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