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On 5th Feb Google launched a next generation Location Based Service(LBS) named Google Latitude. With is you can see where your friends are and what they are up to, quickly contact them with SMS, IM, or a phone call and also control the location and the privacy of your visibility. Another interesting thin is that it can also be used by the person who does not have mobile phone with the help adding a widget in the iGoogle so that they can cater a large group of user.  The most striking thing about the latitude service is that u can define separate location for each user which means that u are not compelled to show you location to the person u can manually set the location for some person so that only the desired person is able to see your location.

Google is not the first one to start the revolution this time because in November last year Nokia launched its Friendview service which is now known as Beta labs. As we know that Nokia is world leader in the mobile phones and we also know to continue to drive the sale of the phones it needs to constantly innovate and do something out of the box to surprise the customer. Incidentally Nokia has also updated its version of Nokia maps to 3.0 one of the interesting feature of the Nokia maps 3.0 which I loved is that it guides you when you are walking with the walk feature and give us distance, speed and navigation. Some of striking things about the Nokia maps 3.0 it has 3D landmarks for over 200 cities – can be displayed in 3D and 2D map modes and it also have terrain mode which is introduced by it. You can also customize and track location on Ovi Maps .

As the economic recession is talking its toll on all the business and Internet is no exception. And as the companies are curtailing their advertising spends and the technology companies are finding it difficult because most of the services are offered free to the users and the revenue is generated from the advertisers but in this scenario budgets are shrinking and no of advertisers are also declining so this is causing a deep concern for these companies. Another reason for these type of services is that the internet market is becoming more complex so companies are finding new places so that they are able to sustain growth.

But after the Mumbai attack of 26/11 these location based services are under criticism because these maps are easy to access and are causing very severe threats to the security and are were used by terrorist

So till next time happy mapping.




Few days back state owned MTNL Launched 3G Service “Jadoo” in Delhi. As India is the second fastest growing market in telecom after china and this offering is going to heat up the market furthermore. Currently these services are only available in NDMC area but going to extended to the whole city in a couple of months. After going to the tariff offered by them I found it quite costly because the are talking a monthly rental of 599 and also not going to give any talk time as this tariff can be sustained for a short time because as the 3G spectrum allocation in becoming a complex riddle and not going to solve early this will give them the added benefit of being the sole 3G operator for some time to come.

As BSNL and MTNL are both the state owned companies have already got the spectrum and the charges for the same will be decided by the price determined by the spectrum auction going to place in couple of months. This is almost the reverse story from the 2G cellular market where BSNL got go ahead almost after couple of years from the private players. But at one time it was almost catching up with the other players but with the GSM tender controversy etc it has slipped a lot in the last 2 years.

An article India Red and Blue Mobile market identifies urban and rural India as red and blue respectively. And Also says that the year 2009 will see many changes like introduction of Number Portability,3 G spectrum allocation and introduction, New operator rollouts etc. It also says that most of the new entrants are focusing on the blue market as here the opportunity are very huge but also says that the growth in the red market will come through innovation in Data and Value Added services because urban market is not satisfied with the voice services only.

In India when something win accolade controversy comes free with the package. After slumdog was nominated in Golden Globe awards the people started asking question that how Danny boyle has portrayed the Mumbai and say that this is not the correct picture. As we say in india that “chadte suraj ko sab salam karte hai” but after the golden globe victory and the remarks by Mr Bachhan that the urban poverty not only prevails in developing country but also in developed country became the talking point of 2009.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

Firstly I will be talking about slumdog millionaire after watching the movie I thought that it was a full masala bollywood movie in English. But as I thought it deeper the movie showed the reality of the urban poverty the protagonist Jamal and Salim are the two children typical like slum children are love with two things Cricket and movies. But as the story goes along we see the harsh reality of the begging as the mother of both are killed in riots and they are taken to beg and how the begging racket uses these children to benefit themselves and the connection of mafia with them which was one of the standpoint of the film for me. Recently in on article in a news paper a freelancer journalist belonged to the banking industry  was talking that as we are becoming developed we start using credit rating system against the evaluation by the people in the banks to give the loans so the people which belongs to the slums and low income group parts of the city he belonged to Mumbai taken its example says that 40% of the city belongs to these people which are denied loan request this hampers in two way primarily these people takes loan from indirect places and are charged hefty amounts of interests and as these people are mostly un educated are not able to understand secondly these people when are unable to pay the these loans then they are attracted towards all type of criminal activity. So it hampers the poor in both ways socially and of course financially. In the end as most rich people think that people only try to play games so that they get money and fame but Jamal had other reason for winning was his quest for love.



Secondly couple of months ago a television serial started “Uttran” on Colors channel. It is story of a girl who lives in chawl and when is mother thinks that if she goes to a big bungalow and work their so that she will be able to give a better future to his girl “ichha”  the main character of the serial. As he becomes friendly with the girl of thakur “Tapasiya”and hoe she is trated by the whole family of the thakur and how “ichha” remains happy and dream to become rich one day.

As these are some of the examples by which the people are showing the Urban poverty is a bigger menace and study conducted by an organization says that  40% of the people in India will be living in cities by the year 2021 will be contributing 65% to India’s GDP and it is a high time we should understand the elevation of urban property is not only the problem of the govt but also it is the collective  responsibility of citizen and without the help of us it is impossible to deal with.

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for a long time i was planning to start a new blog but like many of us planning and execution are the two opposite sides to each other and when both are done  at correctly makes a normal man a sucessful one.

In my opininion the path to success only opens when we think,innovate and the most important part is the execution.The people who are able to execute the things at the right time and place will get success surely and become idol of many people.

So to start the blog with one of may fav videos

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